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Thursday December 7th, 2023 

The Advice Process

Fact Finding

To give proper financial advice, we need to know about YOU. The hard facts (your existing assets and liabilities, your income and outgoings, details of any existing policies) and the soft facts (your future plans, your attitude to risk, any ethical concerns you might have).

We offer a free initial discussion either by phone or in person. A full fact find will be taken at this stage and you will need to sign authority forms to allow us to get policy information on your behalf.

Need Areas

You will tell us how you would like us to help you. This might be in one specific area, or you may want us to take a general overview.

At this stage there is no obligation to proceed any further.

Once you have provided this information we will give you an outline of how much our advice will cost, based on the amount of work required. All charges will be itemised and completely transparent.

Once you agree to this, we assemble our recommendations in a report. 

A Plan of Action

When you receive our report, we will answer any questions that you might have about our recommendations. If you decide to proceed with these recommendations, then there will probably be some paperwork for us to complete. We will deal with any administration that is required.

Once our recommendations have been put into place, we will contact you periodically to ensure that your needs are still being met.

“Fire, Aim, Fire”

Ongoing reviews are vitally important to ensure that we keep up to date with any changes in your circumstances, and also to monitor progress and make amendments where necessary.

Research shows that a regular process of reviewing and rebalancing investments is the best way to maximise returns whilst minimising risk.

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