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Sunday March 3rd, 2024 


The future starts here...

What do you want from your retirement?

Many people dream of retiring early, but have little idea of how much income they can expect, or indeed of how long it is going to have to last them. The average 65 year old English man will live for another 17 years, with the average 65 year old English woman getting three more years on top of that. (Source: Office for National Statistics) The mortality trend is upwards, with advances in health and medicine. How do you plan to manage your money over the last 20 years plus of your life? Mulberry Financial specialises in pre and post retirement planning. We can produce a report for you that will address all the important issues:

Pension planning - when and how to take your pension benefits.

Savings and Investments - how to structure these in a tax efficient way, and with a level of risk that you are comfortable with.

State benefits - how much you are due from the State, and when you will get it.

Partial retirement - is part-time work an option for you?

Tax planning - by structuring your income properly, you can minimise the tax you pay.

Estate planning - how to reduce Inheritance Tax and provide for your loved ones after you've gone.

Trusts - to pass on wealth to your family, rather than the Inland Revenue, whilst still retaining some control.

We will help you to project your future income, so that you can plan with more certainty for a happy retirement.

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